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Twiggy's FAQ

  • dog friendly
  • cat friendly
  • human friendly
  • children - ✅ 
  • fenced yard if in city 
  • ongoing housetraining
  • crate-trained


Twiggy is about 12 weeks old, 17 pounds and is a lovely pup with a sweet disposition. She has been in care since she was six weeks old when she arrived with a badly broken rear leg. Twiggy had her leg amputated immediately on intake and has adapted very well as a rear tripaw. She is likely going to be a medium dog under fifty pounds at maturity, however with unknown parentage, there are no guarantees! 

Being a tripaw, there are of course certain considerations. Twiggy should be kept at a lean weight where her ribs can easily be felt. Allowing her to become overweight will literally take years off her life. A house that has many flights of stairs may not be ideal, of course at this age she bounces up and down anything but having to do it multiple times daily for the rest of her life would definitely take a toll. Finally, chiropractic care is highly recommended for tripaw dogs. As they are always compensating to one side, regular chiropractic will help them lead long, happy lives. This is generally on a 4-6 week maintenance schedule and is not costly. 

Twiggy loves other dogs and cats. She has been well socialized, most recently being fostered with four other dogs! She absolutely loved playing with the two year old border collie all day, every day. She recently went on an off leash walk with a dozen other dogs and had no concerns or hesitations at all. 

Twiggy is very sociable with people. She is a sweet, gentle girl who would be a great addition to a young or growing family. She will run up to anyone and politely ask for cookies, she has no stranger danger at all! 

Twiggy is very smart and loves to learn! She has been doing well at potty training and currently will quietly go to the door. This behaviour may or may not transfer to a new home so new families will need to be prepared for a few more months of ongoing potty training as she is just a baby. She is crate trained and knows the word ‘crate’ means to go in her bed. Twiggy has no anxiety over being left alone and does not mess in her crate. She is excellent at sticking around on off leash hikes but is still perfecting her leash walking skills. 

If you would like to add Twiggy to your family, please Click Here for our adoption form. A fenced yard is preferred if you live in an urban area, rural homes without fences will be considered on a case by case basis. First preference will be given to local homes. As local veterinary clinics are not accepting new clients, you must have a relationship with a local veterinarian and confirm that they will allow you to add a new dog to your account to adopt. Twiggy is fully vaccinated, spayed and microchipped.