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Stevie has been in care since he was about six weeks old and is now approximately 12 weeks old. He’s projected to be a medium-large dog over 40 pounds at maturity. With unknown parentage, anything is possible for his final size! He has a short, sleek coat and will be a seasonal shedder. 

When Stevie came to us, he was very shut down emotionally. We are not sure what he saw in his first six weeks, but it was heartbreaking. Stevie has made so many gains in leaving his past behind and is now a bouncy, happy puppy. We have been working hard on counter conditioning to make Stevie less hand shy and he is improving daily! He will always come jump into your lap for a snuggle but can be worried and may even submissive pee if his space is intruded too suddenly. With time and confidence, most puppies outgrow this habit. We have also worked extensively on predictive handling and when Stevie has your intentions communicated for petting, collar grabs, etc. he rarely tinkles. 

Stevie would prefer an adult home or a home with teenage children. It would not be much fun for young children who have so much love to give a new puppy to live with one who is nervous about sudden fast movements in his direction. Additionally, he is very much in a baby shark phase and that can be problematic with little ones! 

Stevie loves other dogs. He doesn’t read other dogs body language too well and tends to bounce all over the adults and lick their faces. Some dogs will be great with this and some will not. If there is another dog in the home, it should be accepting of puppy antics and not one that will respond to a rude puppy with any sort of aggression. Our adults typically disengage or gently remind him when Stevie is being rude which is slowly teaching him more appropriate behaviour. He has been exposed to cats as well in foster care. 

Stevie’s ideal home would be an active one that is committed to spending his lifetime on training, socialization and enrichment as we would expect for any dog. He would benefit from puppy class for both socialization and bonding with his new owner. We strongly encourage prospective families to research the Puppy Perks program at Pawsitively Social Canine Adventures to give him a great headstart during these next few critical socialization weeks. All puppies have a socialization window that closes around 16 weeks and the more we can take advantage of these important weeks, the more resilient and confident they end up as adults! 

Stevie is coming to his new family with some great foundation skills that will set him on the right path. He is completely crate trained for overnights and when unsupervised to keep him safe and out of trouble. He has a strong foundation in house training. This does not mean housetrained! This means if he is taken out regularly (every 30 minutes when awake) he knows to potty outside. Accidents inside are when his window is stretched too long or the silly human is distracted and misses his cues. 

Stevie’s adoption fee is $425. He has age appropriate vaccinations and has been neutered and microchipped. Stevie’s new owners will need to follow up with their regular veterinarian for his final booster shots which are due between October 1st and 8th. As local veterinary clinics are unable to accept new clients due to patient overload, you must have a relationship with a local veterinary clinic to be approved for adoption. Please Click Here for the adoption form!