Adopt A Mutt Rescue

Specializing in Medical Rescue.

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Feisty-Cleft Palate



Red Flags

  • weak or lethargic newborns
  • newborns that do not latch
  • insufficient weight gain
  • milk coming out of a newborns nose
  • missing limbs or other obvious physical differences

Our Goal:

Too often, euthanasia is suggested as the kindest alternative to a birth defect, particularly those that remove a puppy's ability to latch. We understand that tube feeding and fluids are a commitment that many simply cannot take on. With a flexible schedule and the ability to spend 24 hours a day with our neonates, we want to see this change! While not every outcome can be in our favour when dealing with genetic issues, these babies deserve a chance. Working together, most of these neonates can not only survive, but thrive!

All intakes see a licensed veterinarian for assessment and a treatment plan.

       Lyra-Failure to Thrive



Special Needs Rescue

Over the past several years, we have worked hard to develop a skill set that allows us to help dogs (or kittens!) with special physical needs. These include but are not limited to; birth defects/congenital conditions, orphaned pups, failure to thrive puppies, rear end paralysis and more.

We understand that no matter how well a breeding is planned, things can still go wrong and nobody really knows why a lot of defects happen. If you feel that a newborn puppy may not make it in your care, we will gladly accept the puppy into rescue and raise it until it is ready to be adopted by our current rescue protocols.

The utmost confidentiality is maintained when a dog is surrendered as to where it originated. We will accept pups at risk from breeders, other rescues, private owners, etc.

As neonates turn into puppies, we have the ability to socialize them appropriately with amazing nanny dogs. Science has shown that a well selected nanny or nanno dog can provide as effective or even better of a headstart than a genetic mother.

We will consider older puppies or adult dogs on a case by case basis based on their current needs and space in rescue.

In the cases of unplanned breedings, we strongly encourage the mother dog to be spayed when any remaining pups have been weaned. Should an owner surrender a neonate in distress, we will commit to sponsor the mother dog to be spayed at the low cost spay/neuter clinic.

*Upon intake of a dog it becomes legal property of the rescue and will remain in our care until adoption to the best matched family*