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Saving one dog may not change the world, but for that one dog... their world will be forever changed.

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The Rainbow Bridge

There comes a time when all dogs must cross the Rainbow Bridge. Some leave due to old age. Some due to physical ailments. Rarely, some must leave us due to a broken mind. We honour the dogs that have crossed our path and are no longer with us or their loved ones.




Blue came to rescue in August of 2015. He was a deeply troubled dog and was surrendered due to guarding tendencies with his previous owners. Blue had a loving foster home for the 11 months he was with the rescue. They took him to classes and worked with a Certified Professional Dog Trainer to help make Blue more adoptable.

Blue did make improvements in his time with the rescue. He learned to be crate trained and his separation anxiety was able to be better managed as time passed. Sadly, Blue was never able to completely get over his demons. He maintained an unpredictable side that no matter how hard we worked, he was the kind of dog that one always walked on eggshells around. At 120 pounds, we had to accept the reality that Blue was a dangerous dog.

We were left with two options with Blue. We could keep him in foster waiting for the perfect forever home knowing that he had these insecurities that made him a dog at risk to harm others and ultimately himself. Or, we could peacefully let him go before something happened. We chose the latter of the two options.

Blue's final week with us was spent being spoiled by his dedicated foster family. He ate pork chops, roast chicken and all kinds of treats. He went for long walks and swam in his favourite places. On June 26th, 2016, we said our final goodbye to Blue and he was humanely euthanized surrounded by the people who loved him the most.



Aiden came to rescue in the fall of 2015 after his humans went their separate ways. He was already 11 years old. Being a registered purebred, we did reach out and communicate with Aiden's breeder. Everyone agreed that sending him back to Calgary at that age would be stressful and it was better to rehome him here. Aiden landed a great foster who kept him until January 2016. He went hiking, for plenty of long walks and had a fountain of youth in a coonhound puppy that loved her 'Uncle Aiden'. Aiden lucked out in January, he found a forever home, despite being 12 years old! Aiden moved out to a huge property in the country with another senior dog and an amazing family. He lost his senior friend after a few months but gained a puppy and once again moved into the role of 'Uncle Aiden'. Sadly, in November of 2016, Aiden began to suffer seizures. His family helped him to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Aiden had a great 12 months with the rescue and his family, foster, original family and breeder all grieved when he left us.



Ace was 11 years old when he was left tied outside his home when his owners moved away. He came to rescue on Halloween of 2015. We reached out to a family we had previously adopted to who had recently lost their beloved shepherd, Buster. They immediately agreed to foster Ace. Foster turned into forever and the big guy settled right in with their family. He claimed Buster's favourite sleeping spot and was kind and gentle with everyone he met. Ace had the best year of his life with this special family. We just knew he had only known life on a chain and everything in a home was new to him. He even enjoyed the occasional play with the younger dogs. In December of 2016, Ace's health began to fail. Shortly before Christmas, his family made the decision to send him over the Rainbow Bridge. We had Ace cremated and returned to his family who gave him the best 14 months of his life.



Princess came to rescue in January 2017 at ten years old due to her owner's failing health. She was a timid little thing, she didn't even know how to be a dog! Princess had a mouthful of rotten teeth which we made sure to have cleaned before her adoption. While with us, Princess had a great foster home. She adored the cats and learned how to wrestle with her best friend, another senior named Otter. She kept the two bigger girls in line, imagine an 8 pound dog being the Queen of the house!

Once Princess was healed up from her dental, she found a loving home that promised her forever.. She had a little big brother named Buddy, also adopted from us. She brought out a more outgoing side to Buddy and we often saw her family out walking in our travels. Princess was so loved and brought so much joy to her family. Unfortunately, in September of 2017, her health took a sudden turn for the worse and she was found to be in heart failure. She passed away in the loving arms of her parents. We thank her family for taking in a senior dog and for giving Princess such a great summer. Nobody imagined it would be her last.