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Pixie is a sweet young dog whose ideal weight is around 20-25 pounds. She will be a heavy shedder, particularly seasonally! Pixie is assumed to be somewhere between one and two years old as she has clearly had a litter prior to coming to rescue. Pixie has lived on a heavy chain her entire life prior. She came to rescue following a prolapse of her lady parts and ended up having three surgeries in the span of a week to get her all sorted out. She’s good to go now and ready to take on the world! 

Pixie is a very high energy dog and, in some ways, like having a large puppy around as she learns to live indoors. She needs regular, consistent potty breaks and has not yet learned to indicate that she would like to go outside. If she does have accidents, it’s because the human missed her cues that she was looking for a place to go. Pixie has plenty of dog appropriate chews and toys around to occupy herself to prevent her from finding her own entertainment but she still needs to be monitored to make sure she doesn’t have something she shouldn’t. We are setting her up for success and managing her environment by doing things like keeping the counters clear and valuables out of reach so she can't reinforce herself with the wrong life choices. 

Pixie is currently crated when unattended for more than a short time to keep her safe. She doesn’t love it, she tolerates it so a home where she won’t be crated 8+ hours a day would be ideal. We have found she does best in a 36” wire crate with a big cozy dog bed filling it. At night, depending on how much exercise she has had, Pixie sleeps either at the foot of the bed or in her crate with a frozen kong if she is too wound up to settle. On the nights when she is free range, we set an alarm for midway through the night for a potty break. 

Pixie loves everyone she meets and will roll over for belly rubs. She can be a bit rude with jumping and nipping so is likely best suited to homes with adults or older children who will not reinforce these behaviours with excitement or running. Pixie is incredibly smart and redirects well onto toys or training games when she does get overaroused.  

We have not let yet Pixie off leash and don’t believe at this time she can be trusted to recall reliably. If you are looking for an offleash hiking companion, Pixie may not be the dog for you. It is going to take significant recall training through positive reinforcement to teach Pixie that the human is more exciting than the environment. She currently enjoys hikes on a long leash and harness and does well with this. In addition to physical exercise, Pixie needs plenty of mental stimulation through puzzle feeders, kong toys, training games and more. She is a busy girl! 

Pixie is neutral to other dogs and has shown she loves to play, flirt and snuggle with others of all ages, sizes and genders. She has also been respectful with cats. 

Pixie’s ideal family will be very active. This is not a walk around the block or hang out in the backyard kind of dog. She will require daily physical exercise  and mental enrichment. We highly recommend adoptive families consider the Canine Lifeskills class at Pawsitively Social Canine Adventures as it will build on the skills she has been taught in foster. She requires a fully fenced yard as we never want to see her on a chain again. Due to her adventurous nature, Pixie is not suited to rural homes with acreage unless there is a securely fenced area for the dogs to be. 

Pixie’s adoption fee is $425. She is spayed, fully vaccinated and microchipped. To be eligible for adoption, you must have an existing relationship with a local veterinarian and confirm that you can add a new dog to your account. Due to patient overload, local clincis are currently unable to accept new clients. If you would like to add Pixie to your family, please Click Here for our adoption form!