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Lucy is a 5.5 year old golden doodle. She does not shed and her ideal weight is around 30 pounds. Lucy has an amazing temperament and will be a great companion for someone. 

Lucy loves everyone she meets. She is social and confident. She is extremely obedient around the house and knows tricks and cues such as spin/twist, sit pretty, go lay down and stay. Anytime she finds herself under foot, a simple Lucy - go find a bed will suffice. 

Lucy also loves other animals. She is dog social and cat social. She particularly likes puppies and dogs that will wrestle with her. She has never shown an ounce of insecurity or aggression towards other animals. 

Lucy is easy going. and fairly quiet around the house. She will alert bark from time to time but knows the cue 'quiet' means to stop. She can be left either in a playpen or loose and does not get into trouble when unattended. 

You may have noticed Lucy has wheels. This makes Lucy extra special but in the grand scheme of things, she doesn't take up any more time than a normal dog. Lucy had a spinal stroke during a routine surgery when she was 6 months. She had her back left leg removed as the muscles were so tight it was hindering her movement. Lucy is extremely mobile around the house and only uses her wheels when going for walks. When in her wheels, she loves to fly up and down the trail and is excellent off leash. Lucy can easily do over 5km on easy terrain. 

Lucy does have some special potty considerations as she doesn't have control of her bladder or bowels. However, with a consistent routine, she seldom messes. If she is up and about around the house, we do use panties but they are rarely soiled. During these more active times, we express her every 4 hours or so. When she is quiet in her pen such as overnight or during a work day, she stays dry for over 8 hours. Her body works based on routine so if a consistent routine is achieved for expressing, it will wait in between potty sessions. 

If you live in Thunder Bay, we will work with you to learn Lucy's habits if you wish to adopt her. We are also open to homes outside of Thunder Bay but you must have wheelchair dog/expressing experience to adopt. We can easily coordinate transport to Southern Ontario or Manitoba but are not opposed to the right home nationwide. USA adoption may be tricky due to covid but is not impossible as Lucy is currently fostered 40 minutes from the Pigeon River border crossing. 

Lucy is fully vaccinated, spayed and microchipped. She also had a wellness panel and complete urinalysis in Nov 2020 that showed her to be in perfect health. She is heartworm and lyme negative.

If you would like to add Lucy to your family, please Click Here for our adoption form!