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Hope is an incredibly sweet young (under 4 years) northern mix who weighs 45 pounds. She is calm and quiet and is loving the indoor life.

Hope is our Christmas miracle dog. She sustained a severe spinal/neck injury due to trauma and had significant paralysis mostly affecting her front limbs. Things looked grim for her but she deserved a chance. She had immediate improvement with meds and has made a remarkable recovery. Hope has recovered full mobility and runs and plays like every other dog. She can do stairs, jump on and off things and goes for walks.

Hope has very few special considerations. As her injury is still recent, she must be walked on a harness and a neck collar should only be for identification purposes. She will come with a harness that we have carefully selected to best meet her needs. For this reason, a fenced in yard is mandatory. She also needs a human who will not coddle her and feel sorry for her or restrict her activity.

Hope gets along with most other dogs. She tends to set the rules so a submissive companion would be best for her. She loves to play with the other submissive dogs in the house and tolerates the ones that will give her a challenge. Hope has improved with her cat interactions and would likely coexist fine with dog savvy cats.

Hope likes people and is quite affectionate. She is independent and not clingy.  As Hope is no longer in pain from her injury, she would be adoptable with children 5 and up who are respectful of dogs.

Hope is low-moderate energy and is happy to either lay around the house or play in the yard. Give her a half hour walk and she'll pass out for the rest of the day. We suspect she won't be a bolter and once bonded will be able to be off leash in safe areas as well. She can be left unattended either in a crate or without and doesn't make a fuss or get into anything.

Hope has just had her vaccines updated. She is spayed and microchipped. If you would like to add this beautiful girl to your family, please Click Here for the adoption form!

Covid Status: Adoptions are continuing

  • home visits will be brief and mostly outside
  • all paperwork will be electronic
  • no cash (emt/debit/credit)
  • LOCAL adoptions only