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Foxy's Pups

These puppies were born on Dec 11, 2019. Their mother is a stocky, medium sized northern mix and their father is a large northern mix. Their exact breeds are not known. These pups have been well socialized from birth and are confident, resilient pups. We anticipate them to be stocky mid-large sized dogs but adult size can not be guaranteed. The pups have all been working hard on crate training, potty training and learning basic household manners. Some have even progressed already to learning tricks! All have been desensitized to loud noises, different textures and moving objects through their development.

Foxy is being spayed and returned to her remote community which has recently hosted a spay/neuter and wellness clinic to work toward management of their dog population.

At the time of adoption, these pups will have two sets of age appropriate vaccines, be spay/neutered and be microchipped. They have an appointment booked and paid for on March 7th at 430pm for their final vaccines that must be attended to receive vaccine history and have the ownership officially changed.

If this appointment is missed, microchip information will not be provided until the adopters provide proof of vaccine at their own cost.

These pups are confident enough they will be great companions for most active families. They are not suitable for apartments or homes without yards. Their individual personalities have been carefully assessed in foster homes for the past several days and their bios are written below.

Preference will be given to local homes first.

Wookiee - Adoptable

Wookiee is among the middle of the pups in terms of size. He adapted quickly in his big kid foster home and is doing very well with his house and crate training.

Wookiee is being fostered through Pawsitively Social Canine Adventures where he is getting all kinds of socializing in including other dogs and cats.

Elmo - Adoption Pending

Elmo is the second smallest of the litter but he's still a chonky boy.

Elmo is being fostered with a Certified Dog Trainer and has been learning all kinds of tricks like sit, putting his paws on unstable objects and of course excelling at crate and house training.  There are other dogs and cats in his foster home.

Foxy             Returned North Feb 20