Adopt A Mutt Rescue

Saving one dog may not change the world, but for that one dog... their world will be forever changed.

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*Unless otherwise specified, Adopt A Mutt dogs are available for adoption only within The City of Thunder Bay
(including Rural Thunder Bay).

Why No Breeds?

You may notice we seldom identify dogs by a breed label. Unless truly obvious as a single breed or from known parents, it is difficult to make an accurate guess. This is especially true to puppies. We prefer people adopt a dog based on personality and not what breeds they may or may not be. There is more information on the trend of removing breed labels here:


Max is an 11 month old, small mixed breed dog. He is fully vaccinated, neutered and microchipped. Click Here for Max's bio!

New Arrivals

Some of our new friends, not quite ready for adoption. Click Here to see them!

Long Term Residents

We have had several medical needy dogs come through rescue. They have limited our resources for other dogs we can take. Some will be ready for adoption soon, others will remain with the rescue long term. Click Here to read their stories.

Donations are always gratefully appreciated and go towards vet and food costs for all dogs currently in care awaiting their forever homes. Paypal is easy and secure.

Donations also accepted via email money transfer to