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Saving one dog may not change the world, but for that one dog... their world will be forever changed.

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*Unless otherwise specified, Adopt A Mutt dogs are available for adoption only within The City of Thunder Bay
(including Rural Thunder Bay).

Why No Breeds?

You may notice we seldom identify dogs by a breed label. Unless truly obvious as a single breed or from known parents, it is difficult to make an accurate guess. This is especially true to puppies. We prefer people adopt a dog based on personality and not what breeds they may or may not be. There is more information on the trend of removing breed labels here:

The Dogs!

All dogs currently in care of the rescue are listed below.

We generally have more dogs in care than available for adoption while they are being assessed and vetted!

All dogs are fully vetted including vaccines, microchip and spay or neuter prior to adoption.
They are thoroughly assessed to ensure their behaviour is known so they can be placed with the most appropriate family.

Beaner                  Adoptable


  • 3 months old
  • Mixed Breed - Large
  • Female - Spayed

Click Here for Beaner's bio!

Di and Babies            Not Currently Available


  • Adult Mother, pups born Dec 5
  • Husky Mixes
  • Four Male Puppies

Check back for their bios!
Adoptable February 2019

Java                  Not Currently Available


  • Adult
  • Mixed Breed - Medium
  • Female, had 2 puppies on Jan 15

Check back for Java's bio!
Availability Unknown

Tiny Dancer           Not Currently Available


  • born Jan 4
  • Mixed Breed, tube-feeder
  • Female

Check back for Dancer's bio!
Available March 2019

Skye             Adoptable


  • Young Adult
  • Husky Mix
  • Female - Spayed

Click Here for Skye's bio!

Beast             Adoptable


  • Puppy
  • Mixed Breed - Large
  • Male - Neutered

Click Here for Beast's Bio!

Cashew                Not Currently Available


  • 4 months old
  •  Chihuahua
  • Male

Check back for Cashew's bio!
*currently recovering from Parvo*

Mocha                 Not Currently Available


  • Born Jan 14
  • Java's puppy
  • Female

Check back for Mocha's bio!
Available March 2019

Rory                   Not Currently Available


  • 9 weeks old
  • Mixed Breed - Large
  • Female

Check back for Rory's bio!
Available February 2019

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