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Dice is a laid back, large breed puppy who was born around June 2021. Dice has been in care since he was about 8 weeks old when he arrived with a spinal cord injury and limited use of his rear legs. It quickly became apparent that Dice is a fighter and within a few weeks, he showed us he can walk, run and trot independently. He’s very lucky that the level of injury left him with no issues with his bodily functions! 

This is a dog who is a candidate to blend into nearly any family. Dice is a super relaxed puppy who loves to play and is great at entertaining himself. He’s moderate energy and loves people and other animals. He has enjoyed off leash hiking and does age appropriate hikes without issue. 

Dice is crate trained and working on his house training. He is at the level we would expect any pup his age to be at. He knows what to do when he is taken out but doesn’t yet ask to go outside. He is used to settling in a crate overnight and when unattended and only occasionally sings the song of his people. 

Dice has a few special considerations. He currently has full mobility, however he doesn’t have a lot of pushing power in his rear end. This may come in time but adopters should be prepared that he may always need assistance with things like getting in the car and ensure they are physically capable of helping a large breed boy. Only time can tell what his endurance will be as an adult for long walks and hikes. Finally, Dice would benefit from ongoing chiropractic care on a preventative/maintenance schedule. He has been seeing Dr Dana Gleeson regularly (with veterinary approval) to keep him in the best shape possible! 

Dice has been fully vaccinated and is scheduled to have a vasectomy peformed on Nov 9th*. As he is a physically compromised puppy, a vasectomy is preferred to a full neuter as it will allow him to build up as much muscle as possible. This will leave him hormonally intact but unable to reproduce. His adoptive family should budget and plan for a full neuter between 18 months and 2 years for long term benefits. However, behaviour always comes first so if things like marking, mounting or other issues arise, his forever family may opt to neuter him sooner than 18 months. 

If you are interested in adding Dice to your family, please Click Here for our adoption form. You must have a relationship with an existing veterinarian in the area to be elgible for adoption as no vet practices locally are currently accepting new clients.

*Note - as this was the earliest surgery date, Dice will be placed on a foster to adopt agreement. His adoption will be closed following recovery from this surgery. All fees/paperwork will be due at the beginning of the trial adoption. The rescue covers all costs associated with this procedure. The adoptive home is responsible for food and all other supplies associated with adopting a new puppy.