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Atlas is a confident, active pup who was born in September 2020. We have no idea what his mix is and affectionately refer to him as our werewolf puppy. Atlas currently weighs 25 pounds at 4 months old and is projected to be a large dog. Being a northern mix, we can’t make any predictions on his coat type or level of shedding. 

Atlas has been well socialized with other dogs and cats and would do great placed with a buddy that will play with him. He is social with humans and while he hasn’t specifically been around children, we see no reason that would be a problem. We would suggest he not be placed with toddlers for reasons outlined below.  

Atlas is a fairly easy pup to live with, however he does have some special considerations. Atlas came into rescue at just 3 weeks old with a spinal injury. At the time he arrived, his back legs were not functioning at all and he just dragged himself around as best a three week old pup could. Atlas was a fighter though and as the weeks have gone by, he taught himself to walk and even run and spends most of his time around the house and yard up on all fours. He has his own unique way of walking and is completely independent. Atlas does have a special rear support harness that we use to take him for walks as he doesn’t have the stamina to stay up on all fours for extended periods. At this time, we have not pursued wheels because he is growing so fast. Adopters may consider purchasing wheels when Atlas is full grown if he requires them. This would allow him to do several kilometers on easy to moderate terrain if he is unable to do so himself and would offer more freedom than the support harness. 

Atlas does have some special potty requirements and will need someone who is patient to work through as he continues to grow and develop. His urinary habits are on par with any other pup his age. He needs to be let outside frequently or he will have accidents. However, all accidents are purposeful and the result of error on the human’s part. He does not leak or dribble urine unless he is excited as is often the case with young puppies. Atlas does not soil his bedding with urine in his sleep or at any other time. 

For his poop habits, when Atlas is awake, he is aware of when he has to go and will often go when he is outside. However, when he relaxes in his sleep or gets very excited, he will often have a surprise poop appear which is why we suggest he not be placed with curious toddlers. To manage this, we do not allow Atlas to sleep on the furniture and keep a cheap, easy to wash blanket over his dog bed. We also suggest a small pen instead of a crate for Atlas as it is easier to reach over the side to clean if needbe. Given that 6-8 weeks ago, Atlas was completely incontinent of both urine and stool, we are optimistic that as he continues to mature, this situation will only improve. Additionally, in 6-8 months when Atlas is closer to full grown, owners may consider reducing his feedings to one meal a day which will make his poop schedule more predictable.  

Atlas has a clean bill of health and has been fully vaccinated and microchipped. As he is physically compromised, we opted for a vasectomy instead of a traditional neuter. This renders Atlas unable to reproduce but allows him to maintain his hormones for the growth benefits. This means Atlas will have the same behaviours and desires of an intact dog. All dogs Atlas is living with must be spay or neutered. By two years old, he will have maximized the hormonal benefits and families should budget for him to have a full neuter completed at that time. A fenced yard is required for Atlas as he likes to wander around and take his time doing his potty tasks. He hasn’t learned to walk on a tie out so it would not be a fair option for him at this point in his life. If you think you are the family for Atlas, please Click Here for adoption form! 

*Atlas will receive his final vaccines on January 15*

**Thunder Bay/Area home preferred but experienced spinal cord injury home out of town will be considered**