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Saving one dog may not change the world, but for that one dog... their world will be forever changed.

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Adoption FAQ

Why do I have to fill out this long adoption form?

The adoption form is not intended as a judgement of a potential dog owner. Rather, it is a tool that is used to help determine if a dog is a good match for the prospective home or not. For example, some dogs require homes with other dogs for company, some need a fenced yard and some are not suitable for homes with young children. The form also answers a lot of questions you may have as an adopter about the adoption process. Responding to phone calls and emails can be very time consuming and the form alleviates a lot of that!

What if I'm not a good match?

People often times fall in love with the look, breed or size of a prospective  dog after looking at their pictures. If the dog is found to not be a good match, every effort will be made to suggest a dog that is more ideal for your situation. Adoption forms are also kept on file for future dogs that may come into care.

Is the home visit really mandatory? I'm not comfortable with a stranger coming to my house. 

The home visit is mandatory. We understand that it can be uncomfortable but again, it is not a judgement. We're not looking for dust in the corners! We are looking for potential hazards for the dog. Different people have different perspectives on things like yard security, kennel size or a dog's reaction to other pets. We make sure your home will be a safe environment for the particular dog and also help to introduce the new dog to other furry residents in the home.

Isn't $300 a lot to pay for a mixed breed dog?

Our adoption fee is on par with many other rescues in town. It may seem like a lot, however, all dogs adopted from Adopt A Mutt are fully vaccinated (including boosters and rabies), microchipped, spay or neutered and licensed if adopted in city limits. A "free" dog would cost you at least twice this to have the basic vet care completed. Our dogs also eat quality dog food while in rescue and are kept around long enough that you know exactly what you are getting in terms of personality.

Why was I not adopted to because my current dog/cat isn't spay or neutered?

Spay or Neuter is extremely important to rescues. Not only is population control a major concern for us, the behaviours associated with unaltered pets in the home can greatly impact how a new dog will fit into the home. We do make exceptions if a spay/neuter is scheduled, if a pet is not altered for medical reasons or in the case of an existing pet being extremely geriatric.

Why do you not adopt outside of a 2 hour radius of Thunder Bay?

Coordinating an adoption takes a lot of time. Meeting the dog in person is a major step in adoption and this is not possible with a long distance adoption. Trying to coordinate transport and home visits out of town is simply beyond what our volunteer resources can handle at this time. The exception is dogs with special needs (health or behavioural) that may need a home that isn't available locally. If you're out of town and interested in rescuing a dog, please contact us so we may direct you to rescues closer to you!

Why do you not adopt to homes with wireless (electric) fencing? It has always worked for me.

While we acknowledge that many people have success with electric fence, there are too many negative factors for us to consider adopting a dog into that situation. Electric fence is not guaranteed containment as batteries can die, flags can be blocked by snow or the collar can fall off. Additionally, dogs on invisible fence have no escape should a predator enter their area. Finally, there are many negative behaviours associated with this fencing. Imagine another dog walks by and your dog politely wanders out to say hello. They have now been corrected (shocked) for what was a very desirable behaviour! They are rewarded for staying behind the barrier and the frustration can often times lead to barking and aggressive behaviour to surface. It is our belief that dogs should always be supervised while outside and fencing a small area, even in the country is not an unreasonable request.

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