Adopt A Mutt Rescue

Saving one dog may not change the world, but for that one dog... their world will be forever changed.

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About Us

Founded in February of 2014, Adopt A Mutt is a no-kill, home based rescue located in Thunder Bay, ON.

All dogs adopted from Adopt A Mutt are fully vaccinated, microchipped, spay or neutered
and provided with a lifetime license if adopted within the City of Thunder Bay.
Our puppies receive pediatric surgeries between 8 and 12 weeks of age.
This allows us to guarantee that no dog adopted from this rescue will ever accidently reproduce.

Our primary focus is local intake from the city of Thunder Bay. When space and resources allow, we may bring in a dog from outlying communities or northern reserves. Our dogs come from many backgrounds including illness or death in the family, allergies, issues with other dogs in the home along with many other reasons. Dogs are fostered in a home based setting where they receive socialization and training.

Adopting from Adopt A Mutt is an easy process.
We use an adoption form to help us determine that a dog is a good match for its prospective home.
If it seems like it will be, we hand deliver the dog to their new home to begin a trial adoption.
All information that is known about the dog is relayed to the new owners to allow the transition into the new home to be as smooth as possible. We take pride on keeping our adult dogs in rescue for a minimum of two weeks to allow them to show their true personalities.
This prevents problems from surfacing in a forever home such as dog aggression, child aggression, etc!

Donations are always gratefully appreciated and go towards vet and food costs for all dogs currently in care awaiting their forever homes. Paypal is easy and secure.

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